Maintaining profits in a today’s difficult environment is a tough job!

Retail (Uniformed/Detective) Security Services

Businesses just cannot afford to absorb losses due to theft by customers, staff, and delivery or cleaning personnel. The installation of CCTV alone will not detect or prevent shoplifting and stock loss.

In addition, customers and staff need to feel safe in and around your premises. Our Security Officers are trained to deal with difficult individuals in a discreet and efficient manner to reduce disruption to your business.

Combined with effective loss prevention strategies within your business, Secure-All Security can help to significantly reduce losses due to theft or antisocial behaviour. We have significant experience in the Retail sector and can offer a number of solutions:

Uniformed Security

A trained security officer to provide a highly visible deterrent to would-be shop lifters and trouble makers

Store Detective

A plain clothes officer to discreetly monitor staff and customers providing valuable feedback to management and stop theft.

Delivery Checks

Either uniformed or plain clothes to monitor deliveries to ensure that there are no irregularities.

All of these services can be provided on a long or short term basis and can be combined in such a way as to provide maximum protection for your business.

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