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Mobile Patrols

In situations where a full time Security Officer is not considered necessary, Secure-All Security can provide a trained, uniformed Security Officer operating from a clearly marked company vehicle to call to your premises and carry out either internal or external inspections.

Secure-All Security Mobile Patrol

This service is specifically designed to meet individual client requirements and offers an affordable and effective alternative to a full time security presence. 

Our Security Officers are normally issued with the keys of our client’s premises and carry out an agreed number of inspections at irregular intervals out of business hours. If anything out of the ordinary is discovered, the Officer will follow a pre-agreed action plan which may include contacting named parties, contacting the emergency services and, if required, staying at the premises until it can be secured.

Not only can our Security Officers identify and report anything suspicious or out of the ordinary but can perform valuable out of hours services such as:

  • Closing windows/doors or other access points
  • Switching on/off of lights and equipment
  • Monitoring sensitive or critical equipment (e.g. checking that temperatures in cold rooms are within required values)
  • Reporting of defective security devices such as locks, gates, fences etc.
  • Arming and disarming alarm systems
  • Providing after hours access for contractors, cleaning staff, delivery men etc.

All our security officers are in constant radio contact with our Patrol Supervisors to ensure their safety at all times. With a fleet of vehicles patrolling in Galway, Mayo and the Midlands areas, our Officers always have access to back-up if and when needed.

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